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Based in Hong Kong, with 30 Years of Expertise in Infant Feeding Products

As a Hong Kong brand that specializes in baby and children products, bobo has been a pioneer in research and development of professional infant feeding bottles for the past three decades. With world-class production equipment and an outstanding product development team, the company and its professional team focus on providing babies with a series of feeding and nursing care products, such as feeding bottles, pacifiers, drinking cups, tableware, and baby care products.

A Chinese Brand with Global Vision

Ever since 2014, bobo has been committed to develop a "Chinese Brand applying Local and International Design and Global Production ". Through a systematic order, parts of our products were gradually transferred to Germany and Austria for production. Nowadays, the milk bottle teats from Austria, pacifiers from Germany, and our glass feeding bottles are being used by hundreds of thousands of families. With a rigorous style, the newly established bobo Frankfurt team is striving to bring more high quality products to Chinese babies".

Everything Begins with Love and Grows for Love

Aiming to provide the greatest maternal love for infants in hundreds of thousands of families, bobo’s paramount concern has always been the growth and development of babies. Through emphasizing scientific research and development that looks after each baby's subtle needs, we have a total of 102 patents on various products. In the future, bobo will continue to create excellence with technology, as well as showing the beauty of maternal love with quality, and fostering the No.1 babies' brand in China with all its efforts and endeavors!

  • Our innovative and professional products have a total of 24 invention patents, 24 utility
    model patents, and 54 exterior design patents.

  • By exercising strict batch management and implementing tests that have passed the EU
    Food Standards, we eliminate any factors that may affect children's health. *

  • Our company exercises strict quality management. By testing with SGS Inspection
    Standards, our products can be assured for their quality.

  • Raw materials for our feeding products originated from various countries and regions of
    the world, including Germany, Japan, Korea, the United States and Taiwan.

* The Standards are applicable to the products including breastfeeding tools, tableware and drinking cups, teethers, and pacifiers.

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